Nobleton Community Church
December 10, 2023
Text:John 14:18-27 Verse 27
Pastor Paul

Peace I leave with you: my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This promise of the Savior sank into his people’s hearts. From the first, inward peace, peace of conscience and of spirit, was valued as among the choicest possessions of the members of Christ’s Church. They gave their children names such as Irenaeus and Irene, which signify simply “peace.” In the course of their communion services it was their custom to greet one another with the salutation, “Peace be with you!” In the catacombs of Rome may still be read on many a Christian’s tomb the brief but touching inscription, “In pace” (Latin for (“In peace”). So in doing so they valued the gift and legacy of their beloved Lord.


The short answer to the question: “Why don’t we have peace?—is SIN

  1. Looking back to the past, many are troubled at the retrospect of their own errors, follies, and sins.
  2. Looking round upon the present, many cannot fail to discern in their actual circumstances occasions of distress and alarm.
  3. Looking forward to the future, anxious minds are perturbed by forebodings and fears.

II. THE WORLD IS POWERLESS TO IMPART OR TO RESTORE PEACE TO THE TROUBLED HEART. The consolations of the world are delusive, its promises deceptive.

  1. There may well be here a reference to the ordinary greetings of the East. “Peace!” is the common salutation, and has been from time immemorial. Like all such greetings, it often was and is altogether thoughtless and insincere. Our Lord’s “peace” is something quite different.
  2. But there is a deeper reference. to the pretense of peace as given by the world, to which no reality corresponds. The world says, “Peace, peace; when there is no peace.” Superficial, deceptive, and utterly false, is that insensibility to terrible realities. The world thinks: “Can’t we all just get along.?” What people mean when they say that, or at least think that is: “Why can’t you just believe and think like I do”. The fact is no one thinks or acts the same. We have personalities that are different and that affects the way we act. We have different backgrounds, cultural influences, and beliefs that are different so that also affects the way we act. For the Christian and Jewish people: we have the Bible which also should affect how we think, believe, and act. It used to be that universities encouraged different discussions and viewpoints about many things, but today, there are no discussions of different opinions. If you don’t agree with the professor’s, opinion, or the prevailing, progressive, liberal opinion, you are put down even shouted down, censored, and not allowed to even respond on written essays and papers with your opinion if it doesn’t correspond with what is being taught, Especially if you expect to receive a passing grade, let alone an A.

There is anything but peace on college campuses today, and the true feelings of others outside of the college scene is also coming to light with statements and rhetoric of antisemitism. There are very vocal opinions expressed that call for a cease fire; for Israel to stop their attacks on “Palestine.” In reality, Israel is defending herself because of the attacks by Hamas. We won’t get into all that is being said— I believe you are aware of what is going on. All of this reflects attitudes of what constitutes PEACE.

We are told in Psalm 122:6 “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”

This prayer for peace is talking about security within the walls of Jerusalem. This is an Old Testament understanding of PEACE. However, we should continue to pray for Israel to have this peace. But the New Testament understanding of PEACE that Jesus talks about is a spiritual PEACE WITH GOD. Blessed are the peacemakers. Those who aren’t prone to violence. Those who don’t try to take revenge. When Jesus came to Jerusalem, just before he was arrested. He wept over Jerusalem. In Luke 19:42 we read: “ If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—-but now it is hidden from your eyes.” Here he is talking about individual and collective peace given to believers in Him. The nation of Israel always had individual believers who put their faith and trust in God, they consisted of a faithful remnant, which continued through the centuries, before and after the coming of Jesus. It is still true today that Messianic Jews, who have put their faith and trust in Jesus, understand how doing that reconciles them to God, and brings them PEACE with him.


  1. This is spiritual peace. It is not to be supposed that the Christian is exempt from the cares and the calamities of life, that outward circumstances and human society are all to combine in order for his preservation from the troubles which are incidental to human life. But there may be calm within even while the storm rages without. The heart may be so free from fear.
  2. This peace proceeds from the restoration of right relations between us and God. It is peace of conscience, the substitution of harmony with the government and the will of God for that state of discord which is the experience of our nature that is alienated from the eternal Ruler of all. To be right with God is the first condition of human peace. Such concord it is the work of the Redeemer to bring about.
  3. This peace is both a bequest and a gift of Christ. It is a legacy, because it was dependent upon the Lord’s departure, and the subsequent establishment of a spiritual dispensation. It is a gift, because apart from the Savior’s provision there was no means by which this blessing might be secured and enjoyed. The peace in question is not to be earned by any effort or sacrifice of ours; it is the bestowment of the infinite love and grace of the Divine Mediator.
  4. This gift is essentially what Jesus had, and He is the one who bestows it. The peace which he enjoys he also imparts. That peace which flows from obedience and submission to the Divine will, was naturally the proper possession of the Son of God; and it is that same peace which Jesus conveys to the heart that trusts and rests in him.
  5. The peace of Christ is all-sufficient. In plenitude and in perpetuity. His peace alone allows us to be reconciled to God. His peace alone provides forgiveness for our sins. His peace alone is the only hope for the world to find PEACE.

“The world can neither give nor take away God’s peace,

Nor can they comprehend,

The peace of God which Christ has brought –

The peace which knows no end.”

When we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone to save us from our sin, he gives us peace with God, which escapes us when we seek peace in any other way but through Jesus.

If you are enslaved by fear; Trust in Christ and have peace

Are you apprehensive about serving the Lord, and doing what he has called you to do?—Trust in Christ and you will have peace.

Do you feel alone?–, Trust in Christ and you will never feel alone. He has promised to be with us always and forever and give us peace.

The Old Testament followers of God, longed for PEACE. Many missed their opportunity to have peace when Jesus was on this earth, but before he ascended into heaven, he told his disciples and us, that we don’t have to be troubled and we don’t have to be afraid.

Jesus promised a Helper, Counselor, and Advocate,–the Holy Spirit. And he left them PEACE.. WHY DON’T WE HAVE PEACE?

Because we haven’t received the Prince of Peace into our lives, or we have accepted him as our Savior, but we haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit, to give us peace, because we haven’t trusted him to take us through all circumstances. Our enemy Satan, wants us to allow sin to go unconfessed, and unforgiven (that’s what happens when we don’t ask the Lord to forgive us). May we respond to Jesus and receive his peace in our hearts today

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