Church History

2023/ In January of this year, a Facebook page was created for the church

2003/ 75th anniversary

2000/ Nobleton streets repaved

1986/ first full-time pastor (Rev. Melvin Pederson)

1979/ fellowship hall built

1978/ 50th anniversary

1977/ plans made for social center

1976/ entrance to the church on Croom road changed to Second St. to face north

1963/ 35th anniversary

1947/ garage built by donated labor

1941/ parsonage next door willed to the church

1928/ march 18th new church building dedicated

1927/ 600 dollars paid for lot for church on 11/18

1926/ Dr John D. C. Hanna, a retired minister who had come south for his health arrived in Nobleton. he responded to the community’s need for church services and held an hour of worship in an empty cottage. since several denominations were represented, membership was based on the creed:

–“I accept Jesus Christ as my savior and lord and will endeavor so to live that the world may be better and brighter for my stay”

–this is still displayed on the wall of the church

–17 members became charter members in November

1925/ Harry Nobles began a development and called it Nobleton. Within a year, 90 houses had been built, streets were graded and a water system was installed. Soon afterward, came a grocery store, hardware store, and a lumber yard. he expected 120 families to arrive by early 1926 and was building an average of 15 houses each month

–(see bkvl. herald: 9/24/1925 – 1/14/1926 and 1/21/1926)